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Klamath Whale

Klamath, California

While driving down the coast of California, we heard about a whale who had wandered off-course and ended up in the brackish Klamath river with its baby.  Its baby beached itself and then was pushed back into the river.  The mother and baby were separated and a crowd of people hung over a bridge photographing the mother.  We followed their story as we drove down the coast.  The mother and baby were ruinited.  They made it back to the the Pacific.  The baby continued towards the north but the mother turned back.  After days, she lost strength and died on the shore.  This was so very sad to me. 

The photo here is free for download if you promise to make a donation to a group that looks after the welfare of animals.  Write to me and I will send you a nice sized file. Photo © copyright by James Margolis.