A Little Bit About Me

I am originally from Connecticut, and have lived and taught overseas as a learning disabilities instructor for many years.  I also spend my summers in West Brattleboro, Vermont where we have a small and wonderful home in a typical suburban neighborhood. In fact, we rent this out on Airbnb and VRBO during the year.  We are close to wonderful nature and though it is not the wilds of the west, there are some incredible places to explore and wander with a camera. 

I began photographing at an early age because I loved art and was unable to draw the beauty that surrounded me. I took my first camera course from the late Fred Picker, and seeing his amazing personal collection of images, sent shivers down my spine. I started going frequently to shows and buying photographic books that inspired me. I found that I literally received a visceral shock to my system when I viewed certain photographs and must have had some type of endorphin high that caused me come back for more. Over the years I have attended some workshops to learn skills I find are better learned with a master. Some people who have helped me have been Bruce Barnbaum, Don Kirby, Tillman Crane, Craig Stevens and Lucy Johnson. More recently, I have bugged people like Cole Thompson, Guy Tal, George DeWolfe and others for advice. But let's be honest too, in the world of digital photography, there are some great online sites for self-learning and I constantly ingest and then digest new skills taking mini-courses or indulging in Kelby learning courses that have so much value as well.  

I live here with my wife, who is a clarinetist and an amazing teacher. Her site is great too and one should CLICK HERE to view it!

What makes Eva unique, and also makes her site unique, is her amazing passion towards the arts and her desire to be the best teacher she can be.  She is too!

I love to wander.  Love to see and investigate.  As a learning specialist, and a commuter, there are not enough days in which I get to photograph.  But when I do, there is a rush of love and joy at finding something interesting, finding something new, or just finding something old again that still moves me.

As I tell my students, make sure that you are also always giving back.  Do for others and give of your time and effort.  This world needs a great deal of help, and as much as the beautiful image can move others, it is our responsibility to give back beyond this.  I can't define what "giving back" truly is, you'll have to figure that out on your own.  Jamie