Inner Projects

April 01, 2020  •  2 Comments

Inner Projects Hungry SkyThe clouds kept reshaping themselves and then looked like they were about to eat the new buildings in Ramat Gan.

Over the past few days, I have been contemplating the inner projects that one can commit to during this time of COVID-19. There is a lot that each of us can address in regard to our inner workings.  I won’t go into this, for that’s not the intent of a photography blog, but suffice it to say, lots of work can be done. Lots should be done.  

My students have been learning online.  For some, it has been a bit of a challenge, while for others, they have figured out a way to work from home in this time of lockdown.  I am overall really impressed with how my school is endeavoring to keep the flow of learning proceeding through a situation that none of us have ever had to face before.  

Yet, my life is much more than just being an educator at the American School.  As I get ready to retire, well hopefully, I realize that retirement will give me the opportunity to fully engage myself in photographic work.  When I first started in photography my greatest love was the darkroom and the beautiful black and white images that now and then would appear. Don’t get me wrong, as much as I love the beauty of black and white, a beautiful image is a beautiful image and if something looks better to me in color then I am not going to force it into grey tones.   Hummus BeansEva set out hummus beans and when I saw the reflection in the morning on the wood I grabbed my tripod and camera and got at it.

Yet there was something in my past, something that we carry with us as analog photographers, that is intrinsic to why we started spending so much time and money on this pursuit.  It’s the desire not to make a pretty picture, but instead to make a personal statement.

Being indoors now and looking in the distance at clouds as well as being so set apart from nature, is trying.  I am attempting to find interesting shapes and patterns that exist outdoors and can be experienced from my window.  I am running after early morning light in my apartment looking for how it hits familiar objects and seeing if they suddenly look interesting.  Most don't. However, up to this point, three have.  

So this is what this blog posting is all about.  It’s about three images. A crazy sky that appeared a few days ago and only lasted for a few moments.  Cranes and a Tower that I can see from the rear window in our place. Finally, my wife’s hummus beans soaking on our counter.  

My inner photographic project is keeping me busy and thinking.  Most of the images I just deleted as they were foolish and just did not work.  However, three did. May you all find some inner projects to get you by during this time.  

Cranes and TowerThe skyline here is filled with cranes. Soon the views that I get will be even more obliterated. Progress? For some yes. Give me my pine trees.


Heidi L Reiter(non-registered)
What a beautiful idea! I like very much your inner projects photos. We have all had to adjust & hopefully it will make us all the more appreciative when the danger has passed.
Yardena Engel(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing these interesting images.
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