A Little Bit  About Me

I am originally from the state of Connecticut and for the past almost 30 years, have worked as a learning disabilities teacher in an international school.  I spend my summers at my wonderful small home in West Brattleboro, Vermont. When we are not there, we rent our place on Airbnb and VRBO. It is a place that is close to nature, and though not in the wilds of Vermont, short bike rides or drives allow me to get into the woods to explore and wander with my camera.  

Although one may think it’s only about the camera, it is truly about the journey, the landscape, the intricacies of nature or the complexity and beauty of humans that intrigue me the most.  Photography is like a passport that lets you experience other worlds and create a connection to the places you are fortunate enough to wander upon.

Though I am basically a self-taught photographer, I have in the past taken a number of workshops with talented instructors who were willing to share their craft.  I am a Youtube junkie and watch a good number of Vlogs where I believe one can also learn a bit. I also find that many of the people doing Vlogs love to travel or live in remarkable places so it turns into a travel show for me as well. Lots of self-learning sites too afford all of these days to learn the specifics we need to master elements of this craft.  Yet, you have to hike.  Have to get into the car and drive early in the morning hours and be willing to stay up until the last bit of light is gone (or longer if you are into astrophotography.   

My job for the past 38 years has been that of an educator.  I work with students who are quite often very talented and so many of them exhibit "grit" that many of us hope to see in kids.

I am married to an amazing musician and am a grandfather as well.  As time goes on, I will soon find myself retired from teaching and wandering the backroads, mountains, and alleyways in remote places getting images that help me to better understand my place in this world.

On a final note, I believe strongly in my heart that photography has an altruistic purpose as well, and that all of us need to stand strong for what we believe is good for others and good for our planet.  Donate and volunteer, when time permits, to causes that help us unite and for causes that protect nature.

Photograph by Yoal Levi